Why Video Announcements?

✓You can upload these to your social media accounts.

✓Frees up your time to focus on ministry.

✓Takes the pressure off you.

✓You can plan a concise time for announcements each week.

✓Get your first week of Premium FREE with no obligations.

How It Works


Step 1 - Sign Up

Once you sign up below, we’ll send you a confirmation email that will have you fill out all the specifics about your church brand.

Step 2 - Send Us Your Script

You’ll send us your script each week by Tuesday at 4PM. This will also include any Hi-Res pictures/videos you’d like us to use for the motion graphic scenes.

Step 3 - Your Video Announcement

We’ll send you a digital download link by no later than Friday at Noon and have you ensure everything looks accurate.

Step 4 - Repeat

If all goes well, we’ll hope you’ll continue using our services to free up your ministry time and make your life easier. Please know that we are here to serve you!

Plans & Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change the background picture?

Yes. You can change your background image each week. Just make sure to put it in your Script notes.

Can we change our plan?

Absolutely. You can change your plan once a month. Our goal is to serve you the best we can, so just contact us with any plan changes you need.

How does the social plan work?

For Instagram and Facebook stories we’ll cut each announcement for you to upload easier and will place each item in your online folder. For Instagram Feeds, we’ll cut the video into 1-minute segments for easy uploading.

What does a typical video announcement look like?

Still have questions? Not a problem! Send me a personal email and I will respond within 24 hours!